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Rewriting Content: How Much Does a Quality Article Rewrite Cost?


The essence of rewriting is to write a new text based on the information provided by the customer. This allows you to inexpensively receive content of acceptable quality. However, low price is a relative concept. Let’s see how much a quality rewrite of a text should cost?

The writer is not a copywriter, but still

Unlike a copywriter , there are much fewer requirements for a rewriter. The writer should:

  • to understand the topic, so as not to confuse the terms when retelling and not to write frank nonsense;
  • to be literate;
  • know the structure of the texts of the main genres: article, news, post for a social network;
  • Be attentive, especially to factual information (numbers, dates, etc.)

A student and even a high school student can do such work. However, for a number of topics – for example, scientific papers, specific topics (medicine, finance, etc.), even for rewriting, it is necessary to attract professionals . Not a specialist will write such that the meaning of the rewritten text can radically change!

The specifics of the source texts, the requirements for the rewriter – all this affects the cost of the work.

What can not be rewrite?

As a rule, rewrite is ordered for informational materials.

  1. Advertising texts cannot be rewritten! Each product is unique, and for advertising inexpensive shampoo, rewriting advertising of an elite perfume will not work.
  2. It is not recommended to order rewriting of commercial texts for a site, for example, a description of services. Indeed, rewriting will not describe the unique features of your company. It will be a parody of the text posted on another site. And, as a rule, of lower quality.

If you need an advertising text, description of services, commercial offer , the only way out is to use the services of a copywriter .

We consider the cost of rewriting

Calculating the minimum cost of rewriting is quite simple. Even the most hardworking rewriter gives a maximum of 15 thousand characters a day. However, the optimal load is not more than 10 thousand characters. Further, such texts will begin that you yourself will not be happy and spend more money on editing than you save on the rewriter.

Suppose you find a student who is ready to earn extra money for 10-15 thousand rubles. per month. So, he needs to pay about 500-750 rubles a day. If you receive 10 thousand characters of rewriting, then the cost of 1000 characters will be 50-75 rubles.

If we are talking about the search for more experienced candidates (higher education, work experience, life experience, knowledge of a specific field), the minimum bar should be raised to at least 20 thousand rubles. per month. The cost of 1000 rewrite signs in this case will increase to 100 rubles. However, you will receive texts almost at the original level, and perhaps a little better. A rewriter familiar with the subject will make the texts more readable, beautifully designed and will not make annoying mistakes.

How to distinguish low-quality rewriting?

Perhaps you have already decided that rewriting is very simple. Not really.

When rewriting a text, you can make many mistakes and distort the meaning a little more than completely. And now the Earth begins to revolve around the Moon in the fantasies of the reiter, the potatoes ripen in February, and the strongest foundation for the house is from the boards, and not planed.

Poor rewriting is obtained if the rewriter begins to replace words with synonyms to increase uniqueness . In the pursuit of uniqueness, sentences are complemented by many adjectives used to the place and not very. Instead of readable text at the output, you get labor that no one can read.

Summary: where to find a good writer?

  • You can find experienced rewriters on the many online service writing websites. Just submit an advertisement for the search for a specialist, in which describe all the requirements for candidates. With the right budget, you will get a lot of feedback and you can choose the right freelancers. Be sure to look at the portfolio of specialists and work experience in the field in which you need texts.
  • You can also find artists in the catalog of rewriters , where laid out a summary of freelancers working in this field.

The cost of high-quality rewriting cannot be found for less than 20 dollars per 1000 characters. Given the cost of other texts, this price does not look huge. Surely for one trip to the store you leave at least 10 thousand characters at the checkout. Rewriters also go to stores and they need to pay for goods. By hiring more or less literate people, you will later save more money on editing and combing texts.


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