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How to Write Articles?


After reading our master class, you can write an interesting article, even if you have never done this before.

Writing articles is a useful skill with which you can earn money, for example, selling articles directly to magazines, websites or through exchanges for copywriters. You can also post interesting articles on your website or blog.

What is an article?

The article relates to the analytical genre. The author of the article poses a problem, analyzes it and proposes a solution (draws conclusions).

For example, in our article, the problem is to teach the reader to write interesting articles for websites, magazines and newspapers. In the process, we will analyze how to do this and formulate conclusions based on the results of the master class.

Article structure

1. Title

A phrase indicating a problem that the author suggests analyzing. The title of the article should be short and clear, attract attention, arouse interest. The headings that contain the question work well.

Good Heading Example“Is it worth buying shares of Russian companies?”
Bad header example“Shares of Russian companies are growing.”This heading does not indicate a problem and it is not clear what the article will be devoted to.

2. Introduction

As a rule, one paragraph of the text, which reveals in detail the problem posed by the author, and indicates its importance to the reader. If the headline draws the reader’s attention, then the introduction should encourage the reader to read the article to the end.

For example, you are writing an article on car washing with the headline “Is it worth washing the car in winter?”

The introduction for the article may look like this: “Many car owners do not know whether to wash a car or not in winter. On the one hand – it is worth washing away dirt with reagents harmful to the body from the body. On the other hand, washing a car in winter can do much harm due to the temperature difference between the body and water (heat stroke). Let’s see what harms the car more. “

3. The content of the article

It consists of an analysis of the problem from the point of view of the author. You must give different points of view on the solution to the problem and choose the solution that is most suitable for you. The content of the article is animated by examples from personal practice, comments, quotes.

If the text of the article turns out to be large, it is worth breaking the content into separate parts and for each make a subheading, as in this material on the topic of how to write a good article.

4. Conclusion

One paragraph with your findings. For example, in an article on car washing, you can end the article with the conclusion – whether or not to wash the car in winter.

Writing an article step by step

You have selected the topic of the article (problem). What to do next?

1. We make a plan of the article.

You can short (as done in the example below), you can – thesis. In the plan we reflect what conclusions we need to get and how to argue our position. At the stage of the plan, you can come up with a headline – although some authors find it more convenient to come up with a heading at the end.

Example plan for an article:

HeadlineHow to write an article?
IntroductionThe ability to write articles correctly and quickly is an important skill. You can make good money on it. How to learn to write articles – you will learn from our master class.
ContentArticle definition

Requirements for the structure of the article (numbered list with examples)

The procedure for writing the article (numbered list with examples)
ConclusionWe taught you how to write articles!

2. We write an introduction in which we indicate the importance of the problem for the reader.

3. We write the content according to the plan.

Use numbered and unordered lists for listings, tables, and charts to represent information.

4. We are writing a conclusion.

5. Take a break of 5 minutes, drink tea or coffee.

6. We return to the text of the article. We read it again, correct wording, ugly phrases, exclude redundant words from the text. For example, the phrase “very good” can be replaced by the word “good”. Many introductory phrases can be removed (by the way, however, others).

7. We come up with an interesting title.


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