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Need to write a review correctly? Do it like a Master


Before writing reviews, you need to understand what kind of texts they are, what functions they perform and what are they needed for? I will try to bring you as close as possible to the essence of writing texts in this direction.

What is a review?

This is a summary of the large text. For example, to draw the attention of users to the release of a product, reviews are written. A person who has read what the exhibition described in the review is useful for him will understand if he needs to visit it. That’s an example.

In the case of a review, the reader will understand how to use information, for example, written on page 50 of the magazine, and should he buy this publication? In general, this is a brief description of the large written material.

Suppose an applicant enters the Academy and brings his thesis. The professor, in order not to read it in full, asks to write a short review in order to understand whether he needs to open the folder and read it?

This is a “clumsy” example of how to write reviews and in general why are they needed? In fact, professional descriptions are found in various directions, and much depends on the correctness of their compilation.

An important and, I’m not afraid of this expression, the main criterion is a logical assessment of the general topic of the article. It should be concretized and supported by arguments that prompt a thorough study.

Where are reviews used?

How are texts of this orientation used? This is probably a more specific question. Along with reviews, write reviews in various situations. This is a brief description of your blog, some article on the site.

We live in an era of reader dependence on print and visual information. Before choosing something, the consumer re-reads a lot of information and thinks how to choose the right product?

For example, you need a laptop. But in order to determine a good model, it is not enough only to know that a copy is made of durable plastic and that modern modules from well-known companies are used inside.

A good description of a laptop can be extended to more than one printed page, but how to get the reader to study everything thoroughly? Of course, you need to write a review of the description of the laptop, which will contain all the information he needs.

Like reviews, I rank reviews as selling texts. They sell well and pay well. Only write for sale they can not. Only by order of the client and strictly about what the customer needs.

How to write reviews correctly?

There are several subtleties to writing reviews. Remember that not your opinion is presented in the text. It is necessary to thoroughly study the promoted product and write reviews on its basis. How to do it? Here are some of my best practices:

  • First, think through the structure by reading the source document. You will build on it, thinking how to write a review?
  • Derive the result from the knowledge gained. Highlight important points and write them in a separate document. They will need to be emphasized.
  • When reading material, try to find contradictions. Even in the most ideal product, they can be found.
  • Think whether enough information has been provided so that it can be used to write a review? If something is not clear – ask the customer.

After reading the source document, you need to analyze the information received. Think – Have You Learned Something New? Does the information contradict the one you knew before? How can data be perceived by humans? Are there any obvious false data that makes it clear that they are outside the scope of the rules?

In general, you need to clearly understand what the article is about in order to write a review on it and understand how to do it correctly. If the first time you do not understand – re-read the text again. Write down the key points, which include the following types:

  • The goals set by the article.
  • Theoretical and basic proposals to the consumer.
  • If a clear conceptual line?
  • Are facts highlighted and do they have weight?
  • Does the article talk about the issue regarding which it is written?
  • How and how clearly is the text written?

Correctly determine the review structure

If you have determined everything for yourself and set a clear line, you need to think about how to proceed. In technical terms, you need to come up with a good review title . In this regard, you can choose two types:

  • Affirmative;
  • Interrogative;
  • Descriptive Title.

The type is determined by how and in what way the article is written? Does she speak clearly about what a person will be able to get in a particular case, asks the reader about the problem and whether he wants to solve it or describes the product being promoted.

Next is the introduction, and here you also need to think about how to write it correctly? The review in the introduction often leaves links to the main material. For those who are eager to receive information.

The entry is written in any keys. it can be a statement of information as relevant, a description of your impressions of the product, and another that can catch the reader. Everything from a third party, no me. The introduction is a maximum of 20% of the review, and you must meet these numbers.

In the body of the article you need to write the main thoughts after summing them up. How to do this if the promoted text is small? Highlight the main thoughts in the review, supporting them with research facts or evidence of the relevance of the information.

Although writing reviews is recommended using quotes from the main document, try to use such emphasis less often. A maximum of two – only the most basic points. If the product has a lot of important points, you can highlight one of the most significant, not forgetting to mention customer reviews or the facts of the manufacturers as evidence.

Important in writing reviews citations from other sources. If there are any, ask the customer and ask how you can use them? Never write that you liked the product. Only arguments from third-party sources.

Intelligent completion

At the end, write a review of the main parameters summarizing all the positive aspects described in the article, and also confirm once again the value of the information with facts from other sources. That is, make a bias on how the information or the promoted product is useful to you? What knowledge does the user gain? And do not forget that the completion is not more than 10% of the review.

In the end, I want to supplement a little from myself. He began to write reviews somewhere after two years of work in copywriting. Today I’m not doing this, but I clearly remember that such texts brought good income if you find customers.

But so far I do not understand the difference in the review and in the review. How are these two types of articles separated? I will be glad if anyone in the comments adds to my knowledge.


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