We Have Delivered Over 110,000 Articles

Summary: CCArticles, a professional online writing service has recently established itself as a market leader writing over a 110,000 articles to date and serving more than 4000 clients.


CCArticles recently announced that they have completed 117,872 articles as of February 2013 and now serve more than 4000 clients. The company that specializes in article marketing makes its breakthrough this year and seems to be thriving well in the industry.

Besides the professional writing services they provide, CCArticles also offer article submission services as well as press release writing services. Their mission includes offering the easiest, high quality link-building solution possible. Unlike other services, CCArticles do its best to create the sort of content that search engines prefer, as opposed to links that have been spammed throughout the Internet.

A customer David Roulston reviewed, “After using many of the big article writing services over the years. I came across CCArticles. I thought I would give them a try. I was sceptical because there prices are significantly lower than the competition. But I placed my order and that very same day I had a fantastic article, the writers had done a great job. I can highly recommend CCArticles, price, quality, service – First class.”

CCArticles is also known for doing business responsibly and ethically. Users are not required to pay for membership fees, recurring and hidden costs. They pride themselves on their writing quality and consistency. “We take our work seriously and do everything we can to keep our customers happy. That’s why we’re willing to offer a 100% money back originality guarantee,” Winson Yeung, founder, explains.

However, there have been feedback from visitors saying that the website needs a new look as the current one seems to be lacking in a certain aspect and is a bit outdated since its conception in 2008.

As such, CCArticles have listened to the customer’s feedback and upgrade it’s to a completely new layout and logo in 2013. “The new logo adds in more colors and looks more modern. We’ve also recently worked with 9xDesigns on the new logo and web mockup for this major revamp since 2008. The new website design aims to enhance user experience and provide an even more professional feel.

CCArticles is an article writing service established in 2008 founded by Winson Yeung, a successful Internet Marketer. His team consists of the finest native English-speaking writers that provide high quality, well-researched, original and keyword optimized articles. CCArticles also provide articles specifically designed for use with the Unique Article Wizard (UAW) system.

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avatarHello to the team of CCArticles!

I cannot begin to thank you all enough for the great articles you have
written on my behalf! I am a very busy business women with 6 different
businesses that I own and run!

I look at myself as being somewhat a General of an army in running my
different businesses and outsourcing the pieces I need in various avenues!
Your business,CCArticles has given me a bit more ‘time’ to get on with
the many other tasks I need to do in making my businesses a continued
success, this to me is invaluable! Your service is prompt, efficient and
accurate to the brief that I gave to you as far as content.

I thank you again and I would not hesitate to utilise your service again
and or recommend to others to use your service in the future.

Kind regards

Judi Jaques
avatarGreat Service. I expected keyword garbage for “Surfboards Sale”, and was pleasantly surprised. A+ and that is coming from a skeptical. I purchased the UWA version and all three articles were amazing, I couldn’t of done better. You would of thought a very experienced professional surfer from Hawaii wrote it!

Many thanks CC Articles

Dan DiMassa
avatarBefore I came to CCArticles.com, I tried several article writing services and I was generally disappointed with the quality of services.

At CCArticles.com they have, first a great customer care and communication with their clients, second they have a professionally written articles, writers at CCArticles.com try to learn about your business before starting to write, so as a result you have a good keyword-rich article.

And the third thing that I like about this service is the targeted submission of the article to specific directories, so if our business is about hotels and apartments in Prague, they try to submit our article to some good travel directories, which I think a very important point for any article marketing process.

Thank you and we will continue using your services.

Farouk Hamzi