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By using UAW Articles, you are ensuring:

Fast indexing of new websites and webpages
With hundreds of new links pointing to you, you will be literally forcing the search engines to notice your new pages.
Better rankings for your web pages (in the SERPs)
Backlinks still count as votes. The more backlinks you have, the better your rankings. And with UAW, you’ll have a LOT of them!
Higher reputation as an expert
With your name under hundreds of articles pertaining to your niche across the web, you will be the ‘go-to’ person, brand or business that people will want to reach out to.
Increased chances of being found
Multiple articles of yours may rank for the same search term (especially long-tail keywords). Imagine occupying the #1, #3 and #7 spots of the SERPs! It’s now possible!

Do NOT click away! This is your mind telling you “I’ll think about it”. Don’t be like the guys who go to the bar for picking up women and then return home alone and without any phone number just because they were “thinking” too much and not doing enough.

Chances are if you leave now, you are not coming back. You know this is going to help you but you are scared to dive in. It’s okay to feel like that. But only if you take action!


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Take a minute and think about how most of the users of UAW use the service. They write an article (or pay someone to do it for them), and then paste it in the “Step-by-Step Wizard”. On the next step, they write different versions of the title. After that, they write a different version of each paragraph.


Do you realize how much time is WASTED re-writing an article? In that same amount of time, the elite UAW user is submitting up to 10 articles INCLUDING their variations.

He is making the most out of the money he invests on UAW.


Yes, we are selling something here. But it’s something that will genuinely help you maximize your subscription with UAW, build more backlinks, generate more traffic, and eventually make more money.


With UAW Articles, it’s ONLY about copying and pasting. There is ZERO work involved in terms of writing. It truly is “done-for-you”. 1 pack contains 3 different variations of an article (including the title and all paragraphs).

Can you see the potential? It’s time to take things to the next level.


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avatarMy name is Francisco Vargas, I´m the CIO and Owner of, I have a big experience in E-commerce sites.

I feel this CCArticle service is really amazing. I was using another supplier and I had some English problems with their articles.  Immediately I started to use this service and all my problems was solved.

Actually I feel this is the most important article suppplier that I have.  With my expirience with another suppliers I´m really sure that I´m only going to work with  They have an excellent customer service.

Thanks for all dear CCArtciels team.

Francisco Vargas
avatarI just received my articles from ccarticles and I am very pleased with the excellent quality of content in every article written for me.  I recommend ccarticle for any Internet Marketer who is watching their budget, or has unlimited funds to spend on articles.

Gene Savage

This more than met expectations. I’ll definitely use your services again.

Take care,

Craig L Hudson