Revision & Refund Policy

We want you to be happy with your articles and our services. That’s why we’ve adopted a revision and refund policy that will gives you the utmost in security and confidence in our work.


In the extremely unlikely event that you’re not satisfied with our work or experience other issues that may lead you to request a refund, we’ll do our best to make your life easier.

  1. If we aren’t already working on your project, you can request an immediate 100% refund.
  2. If we’re already working on your project, we will be happy to issue a refund for any unfinished portion of the work.  We’re unable to provide refunds for work already completed, however.  Here’s an example:  If you’ve ordered ten articles and we’ve finished four of them, you would still be eligible for a refund on the remaining six, incomplete articles.
  3. If we’ve already delivered the work, we can’t accept a return.  We won’t issue refunds for products and services we’ve already delivered.* However, we offer a great revision policy if you don’t feel the articles have lived up to your expectations.


We make a point of delivering great content and we’re committed to keeping our customers happy.

  1. If we’ve sent you work that doesn’t meet the description provided on this website ( or that is inconsistent with any agreements we’ve made with you via email, we’ll be happy to revise the work to meet your expectations.
  2. If, for any reason, we’re not able to deliver appropriate revisions, you’ll receive a 100% refund for any portions of the project that weren’t delivered or appropriately revised.


A refund request must be made in writing by emailing us at support[at]  Requests must be received within 48 hours of delivery date.  If you request a refund, you’ll be required to agree, in writing, that you have not and will not use any portion of the delivered product or service for any purpose and that you have deleted any/all files we’ve provided.  The policy is subject to all vendor copyright laws.

Any abuse of this policy, as determined at our sole discretion, may result in a denial of a refund request.

*Please note that all products and services of are non-tangible goods and that we don’t engage in any physical shipping.

 You can contact us via or
email support[@] regarding revisions and refunds.



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Gene Savage
avatarGreat Service. I expected keyword garbage for “Surfboards Sale”, and was pleasantly surprised. A+ and that is coming from a skeptical. I purchased the UWA version and all three articles were amazing, I couldn’t of done better. You would of thought a very experienced professional surfer from Hawaii wrote it!

Many thanks CC Articles

Dan DiMassa
avatarHi there, thanks very much for the first article that i have received
from you. The article is well written, well researched and the content
was exactly what i requested.

Thanks again and will be in contact very shortly to order more articles from you.