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News sites provide fresh, new information. Search engines (like Google) like that. If you could have a link to your website from several of those news sites, imagine how much that would boost your site’s authority and rankings.

On December 26, Matt Cutts, the head of webspam at Google, replied to someone’s question in the Google forums with the following:

So, why are we still claiming that press releases will help you with better rankings in the SERPs? Are we trying to scam you? Not really…

This comment of his resulted in a mini-tornado among SEO experts. After all, ‘press releases’ is what they’ve been assuring their clients will improve their rankings. One of them (SEO Consult) decided to show that Matt Cutts’ comment is not true at all.

SEO Consult issued a press release on with anchor text “sreppleasers” linking to Matt Cutt’s blog. The PR can be found here:

The result? Very shortly, Matt Cutt’s blog started to rank for “sreppleasers”! It still is, actually! You can check it out here:

However, Google may “fix” this soon, to back up what Matt Cutts said, so here is a picture:


The point is, despite what anyone says, press releases improve your rankings. It’s a fact.


A press release is usually harder to write than let’s say an article or a blog post. For this reason, we put together a team of writers who specialize in press release writing. This team consists of people like English graduates and journalists.

Introducing Our


Our team knows that press releases need to have a standard and meet certain requirements like:

  • Must be newsworthy
  • Must not contain any form of advertising
  • Must be objective
  • Must be mistake-free
  • Must read and sound professional

We will give (and ask you for) more details in the Members’ Area, but just so you have an idea, unlike an article, our expert writers cannot just write a press release based on a keyword only. More details will be needed from you, like:

Something newsworthy

It doesn’t have to be revolutionary. It just has to be something new. It can be something as simple as a comment you want to make or a new post you have on your company blog.

Relevant names

Company name, name of founders, name of any other relevant people.


We personally believe that there is no such thing as a press release without at least 1 quote. How can something newsworthy not have something worthy to quote? It’s just not possible.

Timestamp & Location

We also require dates and the names of the places where the events have occurred.

Pertinent Facts & Figures

Things like how many years you have been in business or the company achievements.

Once we have that, we can craft a solid press release for you that can be used to achieve good rankings and spread the word about your business at the same time. The length of the PR varies between 300 words to 600 words, depending on the amount of information we receive from you.

The price for 1 press release is only $17! These strong benefits at this low price is almost a steal!


We are going to be honest with you. You can take care of the distribution yourself. However, there are 2 issues:

01 It can take a lot of time to submit your press release.
02 It can get quite expensive (a single submission to costs $360!).

Our Press Release Writing + Distribution service simply makes it quick and cheap for you. For only $37, we will write a press release for you and submit it to up to 40 distribution sites!

That’s a saving of over $320!

So, what are you waiting for?




avatarHi there ,

thank you for providing the article , here is my testimonial :

Well, to tell you the truth I was a bit skeptical in the beginning but
anyway I ordered my articles. They were provided me in a very short
period and I submitted them to my article directories.

Once they were published I saw the effect of traffic coming from them. It’s not a
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effect and I plan to order more in future.

Thank you team!

Georgi Lazarov

Here is my testimonial (my photo is attached to this mail).

Firstly, I discovered CCArticles in the top Google search results when I was looking for a reputable article writing service and on my opinion it is an obvious advantage. After  brief letter exchange I decided to try and placed my order. Being not too sceptical about article quality I’ve tested several content writing companies just to satisfy my informational hunger.

Their work was usually done on time and I was quite satisfied with what I got but when I finally read content written by CCArticles professionals (it were 3 Forex-related UAW Articles with 40 sandboxes) I understood – there is no need to test the others any more!

Everything was good: well organised topic coverage, excellent English grammar and appealing headlines. I will surely continue using CCArticles services and will recommend it to my colleagues.

Best Regards

Alexey Zatylny
Feedback for the recent articles that have been written for me. Very well written, exactly what I asked for.

A great balance of promoting the general topics, and soft selling the clients website.


Michael Brandon