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Top-Grade Articles – Our writers will do their best to craft good-to-read articles for you.
Rock-Bottom Prices – Ghostwriters may charge as much as $50 per page! Only big corporations can afford that. We don’t charge even remotely as much.
Well-Researched Content – We really cannot think of any other way to write an article. We need to have the info first, which is why we perform extensive research before even starting to write.
100% Unique Material – Rest assured that the content you receive from us will be “brand new”.
Content that you can use for your webpages (AdSense or affiliate), blog, membership site or ebookIt’s your content…so it’s up to you how and where you would like to use it!
All Rights to the Content – (You can claim it as your own)Yeah, you can have your name under the article, legally. Really become an authority by publishing the high quality articles that our writers craft for you.

We write good articles. We deliver on time. We charge low fees. We provide free revisions if you are not satisfied. It’s really the complete package here.

Give us a try. You won’t regret it. You can finally have your own niche site ranking well or start making affiliate sales for a very low investment.


Benefits of Good Content

Rank high in the SERPS – Panda is only getting stronger day by day. The line ‘Content is King’ has never been more true in 2013. Without good content, you won’t rank. Period.
Turn first-time visitors into loyal followers Visitors don’t come back to see your ads or offers. They come back to see your content. Now is your chance to give them what they want!
Convert visitors into leads or buyers – It’s definitely not images that make the sale or get the sign-ups. It’s the compelling content. If you don’t have that, you are leaving money on the table.
Engage your readers – With good content, you can generate comments and even ‘Likes’ if you have a social plugin in place.
Create niche sites – Niche sites are not dead. Thin sites are. If you provide extensive content on a topic in a specific niche, you will be loved by the search engines, visitors and advertisers.
Sell ad-space on your site You cannot do that on a ‘naked’ website. Your advertisers will want you to have quality content on your website before even considering paying you.
Effectively pre-sell a product that you are affiliated with – Warming up prospective buyers is an art. You can no more just link to a product using an affiliate link and expect to make any money. Competition is tough out there; but not when you have good content!
Make money – Without content, you can’t do anything. And that’s not how money is earned.

The thing is, you are probably already aware of that, which is why you are on this page right now. You are looking for content that will help you achieve one or more of the goals above without draining your bank account.

Good content, but expensive. Cheap content, but crappy. Good and cheap, but the writer is never available. We know the drill. We know it’s frustrating. You are looking for something different, and we are happy to tell you that…


At, we have a team of dedicated writers who are actually involved in some form of writing in their “offline lives”. They are real-life journalists, publicists, copywriters and writers who have a good mastery of the English language. On top of that, they understand the true concepts behind keyword density, which is a necessary component of most of the written materials that our clients need.

The service actually started from our own needs. When we saw how hard it was to hit the “sweet spot” in terms of quality, price and availability, we decided to run our own writing service. So you can really expect the best!



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