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– A marketing company interested in outsourcing article submissions for your clients?
– An article marketer who’s growing tired with the slow pace of distribution?
– A webmaster of any type in need of improved search engine performance?
– If you answered YES to any of those questions, you’re going to love this!

We offer the easiest high-quality linkbuilding solution possible. We build rock-solid, one-way, permanent, highly relevant, content-based links–the kind the search engines absolutely adore.

We don’t use cheap tricks. We don’t build spammy, second-rate links that will disappear days after creation.

Our team of professional writers creates fantastic articles and then we distribute them to the top article directories, with your link in place.

This method of content syndication is one of the most highly-regarded linkbuilding methods.

It creates one-way inbound links to your site.

  1. The links come from content-rich pages on authoritative sites.
  2. Article distribution encourages direct click-through traffic.
  3. Syndication of submitted content can lead to even more links to your site.
  4. Article marketing is a proven way to give the search engines exactly what they want.


The bottom line: Article marketing works. It builds the links that shove you toward the top of the search results and it generates highly targeted traffic directly from the distributed content!

The only drawback to this powerhouse method is the time and effort required to implement it the right way. You need quality content. You need a good resource box. Then, you need to go through the hassle of submitting the content to each of the top directories.

We make it easy for you. We handle the entire process. Our article submission service allows you to sit back and relax as you watch your link totals and traffic numbers grow.

We create great articles, build solid backlinks and make your life easier–and we do it at a price you won’t believe.

For only $15, we will produce a completely original, high-quality article–the kind of content that will make you proud. Then, we’ll distribute it to over 300 article directories. That’s right–over 300!

We’re not just blasting the material out just anywhere, either.
Your article will go to the top directories with high Page Rank, including: PR: 6 PR: 5 PR: 5 PR: 5 PR: 5 PR: 5 PR: 4 PR: 4 PR: 4 PR: 4 PR: 4 PR: 4 PR: 4 PR: 4 PR: 4

Our carefully chosen library of directories includes established, quality sites. Over half of them have recorded PageRank, with over 30+ of them boasting PR2 or higher status.

You’ll get fresh, powerful, custom content and a distribution strategy capable of creating well over 300 links (even more after subsequent syndication by webmasters who rely on the directories for fresh content) for only $15. That’s less than you’d spend on a single article without distribution from many freelance content providers.

What is your time worth? Think about how long it would take you to write a great article and to then distribute it with a properly structured resource box to over 200 individual directories. Our submission service frees up your time to concentrate on what you do best. Let us take care of the dirty work while you make money!

Get started today. The sooner you start, the sooner you can see the higher rankings, the boost in traffic and your own increased profits.

We’ll write your 500+ words article and submit to 300+ directories for ONLY $15!

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Standard Delivery: You’ll receive your articles submission report within 1 week or slightly more. If our workload is exceptionally high or you place an order during a holiday season, order completion may take slightly longer. Even under those circumstances, we generally fulfill orders in no more than seven to ten days.

Note: You will be redirected to an article submission service thank you page to enter your article submission details after you have successful made your payment.

You can also email directly to submission[@]

Term and Condition

* Please specify if you have any article instructions that you wish us to follow else we will just be writing a general article for article submission.

* We DO NOT accept order that contain: pornography/adult material, hate or violence-oriented, suggest racial intolerance, advocate against any individual or group, have insulting, obscene, degrading tone, or contain profanity.

*We DO NOT accept order that contain information on: Hacking/cracking content, bomb creation, support for terrorism/ radicalism/ religious fanaticism, illicit drugs or drug paraphernalia, steroid use or advocacy, weapon/ firearms/ ammunition/ balisongs/ butterfly knives or brass knuckles, or the promotion of hard alcohol/tobacco-related products or prescription drugs.

P.S. EZArticle submission is not included PR: 6 PR: 5 PR: 5 PR: 5 PR: 4 PR: 4 PR: 4 PR: 4 PR: 4 PR: 4 PR: 4 PR: 4 PR: 4 PR: 3 PR: 3 PR: 3 PR: 3 PR: 3 PR: 3 PR: 3 PR: 3 PR: 3 PR: 3 PR: 3 PR: 3 PR: 3 PR: 3


I’ve been looking for a reliable Article supplier for a while now, and I have finally found them with c&c articles. The first time I used them, I ordered a rush set of UAW articles, and 24 hours later I was able to distribute them. Thanks C&C!

Gary Malone
Hi Winson,

I have to say that I really like your service. Articles are unique, that’s all I want. And I will definitely want to order more in the future. Keep up the good work.


Kikie Z
avatarI just received my article from ccarticle today and it was great. The detail of  the article was incredible. The structor of the article was professional and the team at ccarticle was impressive.

I would definitely recommend this service to my friends. Keep up the good work.

Gary Hartgrove