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Professional Native English Writers

Our team of native English-speaking writers creates outstanding content. You'll receive high quality, well-researched and keyword optimized articles from native English speakers.

Our writers have been trained (almost brainwashed!) to keep this in mind when writing for you:

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CCArticles does business the right way. You place and order. You pay a remarkably low price for that order. We supply you with exactly what you ordered. That's it.

All Rights Are Transferred To You

You'll own all rights to the articles you order from CCArticles.

You are free to modify them the way you want to. You can copy and paste the exact article anywhere and slap your name at the bottom. You can take several articles and export them into a PDF.

You can record yourself reading the articles (using Audacity). You can make a screencast out of them (using Jing/Camtasia and Powerpoint). ANYTHING.

it's up to you. They're yours. 100%.

Unique Article Wizard (UAW) Writing Service Available

CCArticles will provide you with articles specifically designed for use with the Unique Article Wizard (UAW) system.

Each UAW Set consist of 1 Original Article + 2 Rewrites with the same amount of paragraphs for each article.

Satisfaction 100% Guaranteed

Our priority is customer satisfaction, which is why, we have put in place both a “Revision Policy” and a “Refund Policy”.

What you should know, in brief: You are eligible for revisions, and a refund in certain circumstances.

You can read both policies in full here: Revision & Refund Policy


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Henry Daniels
avatarI ordered 7 articles with 2 spun versions of each (21 in total) for a price which I would say is very competitive when it comes to article writing.  What I have found in the past is that you often get rubbish sent back when you pay cheap prices but the content from C & C Articles is top class!  I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to get articles written as they are quick, easy to deal with and super cost effective.

Robby Neil
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Their tagline is “cheap and consistent,” and that is exactly what you get. Worth every penny – and you only pay for the articles you want. Highly recommended.

Mark Knowles